As a conclusion, we can say that the pandemic hit Europe severely. In the first wave, western countries had a high number of cases and deaths. COVID-19 hit especially prosperous countries with high mobility in their airports. Eastern countries had a little more time for preventive actions, so they minimized the spread of the virus during the first wave. Another important issue is that half of the deaths in first wave took place in elderly care homes, demonstrating the importance to protect these places. During the second and third wave, apart from western countries, poor countries in the Balkan region and in Central Europe were also seriously hit, from COVID-19. Scandinavian countries, as well as Baltic countries, were the most successful in the battle against COVID-19 until now. Without the restrictive measures imposed by most countries, the disruption of the health care systems would have been catastrophic, as we saw happening in Bergamo, Italy at the beginning of the pandemic.