The epidemic curve of Greece can be seen below. Statistics demonstrate that 34 days elapsed from the first diagnosed case, until the epidemic curve reached its peak. Also, counting from the lockdown imposement, 15 days elapsed before the reproduction rate fell below 1. Lockdown rules were relaxed on the 4rth of May.

1st Wave of Greece

1st Wave of Greece label

The detailed governement preventive measures applied during the first wave, responsible for the successful handling of the pandeming appear in the graph below.

18 Measures (Within EU AVG) - 28% Targeted

18 Measures (Within EU AVG) - 28% Targeted

Eighteen(18) different measures were applied in total, while five (5) of them, (28%) were targeted to specific geographical or population groups. It took from 11 to 67 days from the first diagnosed case, for each of these measures to be imposed, with the majority beiing applied within the first 20 days.

As Greece has land borders only to its north, the incoming infection was easy to handled and the extensive border checks during the summer period proved to be effective enough.